There was a very interesting interview on CBC radio this morning on recurrent UTIs. I know many here have family members dealing with them.

A couple things that stood out in the interview, one the dip stick test is incorrect 70% of the time. The lab culture test is not much better. The best test is from the 1920s when doctors looked through a microscope at fresh urine and looked for puss.

He also talked about why some people get recurrent infections, the disease process behind it and the treatment (very long term) that appears to work.

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Thanks. I just read the article and learned more about the differences in opinions on treatment. But what really shocked me is the volume of cranberry juice that's allegedly required to cure a UTI. I'm thinking that maybe cranberry juice on a more regular basis would be a good practice in an effort to avoid UTIs in the first place.

I was also interested in the side effects, besides the obvious discomfort. I wasn't aware that back pain could result from a UTI. That's kind of scary, b/c back pain can be caused from a variety of issues.
Thanks for sharing an article on an important part of maintaining health.

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