I've now created a post and lost it twice. I give up!

Still, I want to share this information.

This is an apparent insurance scam, with a $5 check to be cashed and provided with a phone number so agents can contact me and sell a policy. I've been solicited before and just shred the solicitations.

The difference is the check, which could tempt older folks not realizing this is a scam once they provide contact information. (I'll be contacting the FTC to ask for a contact number so the insurance outfit would be calling the FTC directly; it might allow the FTC to go after these scammers. )

The BBB site on this company reflects a variety of complaints. What the situation appears to be is that "insurance agents" contact people after the generous $5 check is cashed, sell policies which aren't always delivered, obtain "authorization" to directly debit bank accounts, and do so.

It's obvious from reading the first 2 complaints, as well as the carefully worded "no liability" first response, that this isn't an outfit with which to do business.

Just wanted to warn others in case you haven't heard of this company; it's the first time I've ever had a solicitation from them, but they've been "in business" apparently for several years.

If you have loved ones who are susceptible, be aware of this. Unfortunately, it's another way people can be scammed, and raises again the issue of how to protect vulnerable adults.

Fingers crossed...hopefully this third post will actually post.

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I am getting a lot of trash text messages too. Annoying!

Glad, yes, two of that insurance scam thread did appear.   As long as at least a few people are aware of this, then I'm pleased. 

Learned of another yesterday.  I normally both to answer any  unfamiliar number, but sometimes just put the phone on speaker and listen to determine if it's legitimate (which it sometimes is) or not b/c disconnecting.

This one's new:   a robo call advises in a way that infers I owed $400 for some Amazon purchase, then advises of a number I can call to get a refund.   

I'm really, really getting tired of reporting these calls!


Thanks for info.

I saw the post and it is in discussions. It went through. Hugs.

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