1. Immediate - I am giving up driving until the medical community figures out why I can not focus. I have had several accidents and am giving up while I am ahead. I live 1 mile from the closest city bus stop. What other options do I have?

2. I am finding it difficult to keep track of bills and checking account status. My son who lives iLouisiana and my investment advisor are trying to help me with that.

3. I do not eat even close to a healthy diet.

4. I down sized, got rid of a lot of stuff but still have to part with more stuff, feel overwhelmed.

5. My home is a danger zone !!!!!!!!

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1. Since you already have city transportation, find out if they have a small bus, connector, or dial-a-ride service. These are door to door services. In my area, it only costs $1 each way but is limited to a 10 mile radius from home to destination.

2. Do you make a list of your bills when you receive them, noting the amount and date due? Do you have a special calendar for bill due dates? You could color code them, e.g., in red, to separate them from other engagements or appointments.

Not sure about the checking account - are you having trouble balancing it, or is there another issue?

3. Well, you know you're not eating a healthy diet, but do you know why? Is it because of the instability in your life at this time? Have you planned meals for the week and then bought accordingly, all with healthy ingredients? This is perhaps the easiest item in your checklist to address.

4. Just work on small tasks at a time and it won't seem so overwhelming. Put on some nice relaxing music when you work on a decluttering pile. It also helps to begin with something you really don't need so there's no issue of recycling or throwing it out.

However, if you can find a way to recycle or donate it, so much the better because then you can be comforted that it's not just being thrown away.

5. What are the specific issues, can you correct them or do you need assistance? Prioritize them, decide how to correct the issues, then so do. Just a word on grab bars and/or safety rails; they must ALWAYS be anchored into studs. Nothing else is safe. We hired a carpenter to do ours as one of the handymen I consulted didn't agree that they absolutely always had to be anchored in studs.

I can't help getting the impression that something else is going on besides the issues you stated. I don't mean to pry, but have you just finished a chemo or radiation session for cancer? The concentration issues you describe sound like "chemo brain".

If there is another underlying cause for the focus and concentration issues, obviously stabilizing that issue could help with the others.

You're also very clearly organized, and focused more than I think you realize. It takes concentration and analysis to break out the areas of concern as you have done. I sense some professional background, maybe even management.

As to the accidents, could it be something as simple as needing new glasses? If you live in a highly populated area with a lot of travel, it could also be the character of the drivers. In my area, drivers are wild - it's not unusual for people to run stop signs and red lights, often zooming through even after the light has turned red. Tailgating is endemic. Distracted driving is also a major issue. Metropolitan traffic conditions can be conducive to accidents.

I am thinking Assisted Living might be better for you, a whole lot safer than independent living and much more social stimulation.

You're very insightful. Wow.

#1 -- ##see if your community has discounted taxi rides within your village. Mom could travel anywhere in her town for $4. ##Call a local taxi company and ask for the price of your ride in advance. You'll get a better price than if you just call for a cab.##call your local senior services office and see if they have volunteer transportation. ##See if your local food store offers online shopping. Here we have Peapod. ##Ask friends and or family if they can do such-and-such with or for you.

#2 Kind of sounds like you may have this covered. If it were me, I'd depend more on my son than my financial advisor.

#3 well, my friend, unless you want someone to feed you like a baby bird, I suggest you start making better choices. And THAT regime starts at the grocery store.

#4 Ask your don to spend a long weekend at your home and let him mercilessly de clutter. If you can't bear to throw out, rent a tiny storage locker. If your don can't do that, ask a neighbor or friend to help.

#5 See #4, PLUS get rid of throw rugs. Have a handyman come in and put up safety rails in your bathroom. Ask your local senior services dept for a handyman referral.

Hope a few suggestions resonate with you.

And, of course, you should consider assisted living. Judging by your mindset and what you've posted here, you would be a wonderful addition to an assisted living community. And THAT move would take care of one thru five just fine. ;)

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