They take all of her check at the nursing home, but what ALL is included?


My mom just went into a nursing home. Yesterday we found out that if she needs disposable underwear, we have to provide them. Has anybody heard of this before? What is the point of them taking all her money then? I thought everything expect minor things such as haircuts and personal things would be in with them taking all her retirement check. Can anyone shed light on this? Last time mom was in a home they supplied everything and she was there for a few months.

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My mother is on Medicaid and Medicare (finally my sister explained it to me and the difference). Her only source of income is SS (which I understand is not the same as SSI). I just think that if someone is on Medicaid they should get all they need; that is what we contribute to all our working lives for when we need it; and if she has both, why would she have to pay for anything. I don't mind getting mom what she needs, I just think bureaucracy gets in the way of everything. This is just so frustrating over all. I thought the stress would go away for the most part. And on top of that the guilt for complaining! Ugh!! Good grief, Charlie Brown!

My aunt was in a nursing home for 2 1/2 months. She was not charged for her disposables. I know some people do bring in their own, but maybe they don't like the brand the home uses. My aunt is on Medicaid, if that makes a difference. Maybe private pay people do get charged. When my mom was in a home before she became Medicaid eligible, she was not charged. Maybe it just depends on the home.

Have you asked them? The asst living place my mother-in-law lives in charges $3400.00 a month and still charges for the gloves they use. So you tell me if that's normal for a nursing home, I know it's status-quot where my m-i-l lives.