Husband recently diagnosed with dementia and Alzheimer’s. I think I need to change Drs, they don’t seem to listen to to me. My husband had a horrible wreck with a big truck yrs ago and Drs think this led to his problems partially.

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You need to find a Dr. who treats the "whole patient" meaning they know what the family dynamic is and are aware that YOU, although not being the "sick one" also have to deal with incredible stress.

Change Drs. We forget that they really work for US...ask some friends and find one who listens and can be empathetic to your situation.

I agree you may need a new Dr. When mine first heard my parents moved in with me,,she was all about getting me some "chill pills"!,, I didn't even have to ask really! I have a little Atavan and it is a great help.

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