My 88 yr old mother had triple bypass in 2011. When she was 79.
Lately, she is going back to her bed and sleeping 4-7 hours during the day.
She made no changes after heart diet, no exercise, no nothing.
She is obese, on many heart medicines, has chf.
Cant maneuver without a walker, which is bedroom to sunroom daily.
Does absolutely nothing, fetches nothing.
I take care of her 24/7.
She has dyspnea, has had it the whole last year.
Of course she has been to her doc, cardiologist last few months...
But the excessive sleeping is new.
She has always been the laziest person on earth, narcissistic.
Did not take care of my siblings or I.
Never dresses. Lives in her housecoat.

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Not sure what is going on?
Not sure what to do about it?

It seems unlikely that her new need to sleep for much of the day is mere laziness :)

It *could* be a symptom of a change in her chronic health conditions. I should call her doctor and ask for someone to come and check her over. This might not change what can be done for her, but it would at least give you some clarity to work with.

Hi Arimethea - I am sorry for your difficult situation. You wrote that you are not sure. What are you not sure about? What is your question?

Maybe her CHF is worsening, and/or she's nearing end of life. Having shortness of breath chronically for a year is a sign that CHF is worsening...........can she lay flat on her back? My mother's PA said that's a key thing. Also swelling in the feet/ankles and calves is a sign that excess fluid is being retained. But hey, you say she's been to her doc & cardiologist in the last few months, so a simple blood test would indicate a worsening of the CHF.

Lots of sleeping can be a sign that the end is near, too. Here are more signs:

Coolness. Hands, arms, feet, and legs may be increasingly cool to the touch. ...
Confusion. They may not know time or place and may not be able to identify people around them. ...
Sleeping. ...
Incontinence. ...
Restlessness. ...
Congestion. ...
Urine decrease. ...
Fluid and food decrease.

Best of luck to you.

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