I'm my mother's durable power of attorney. We have encouraged her to do more cause she isn't sick now but acts like she is.


My mother had a minor heart attack in 2014 and she had always been very healthy except for over weight. The last about 2 years it was like I woke up one day and she was just mean. And she is aware since all of the times I would think something is wrong with her. She kinda smirks when I ask if because she is in her 60s if that means she has a right to hurt anyone. She has lied so much it's like constantly she is caught in a lie til she has pushed people away. She tells me since getting a durable power of attorney that she will take my house away and more less tells me something different usually except one thing everyday since me having anxiety attacks she tells me to die or that I should die.

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Does she live with you?

Heart attacks cause depression, did she receive any counseling after her heart attack?

You do not need to take any abuse, period!

You can resign as her POA and walk away.

I would not question her nasty behavior, it puts her in control and I'm guessing that she has always been a control freak. I would tell her when she is ugly that you will not tolerate being abused and when she wants to be nice you'll come back. Promptly leave, do not argue or engage in anyway, just leave. If she doesn't call and apologize give it a couple of days, sometimes it takes a while for people to see what you do for them.

Do this every time she gets nasty. She treats you bad because she gets away with it. You can stop letting her treat you so poorly.

I would seriously consider how much you are willing to do for her, this behavior can get better or it can get a lot worse. She has already threatened you with taking your house, this should cause red flags for you.

We are to honor our parents, that means respect them, NOT be their doormat. You are not obligated to be her caregiver or even help beyond finding her a facility that she is safe and cared for in.

Best luck setting and enforcing boundaries with this person that has declared herself your enemy.

Hugs, it happens with moms far to often.