My mom moved in with me about a year ago after a bad situation with my brother and his wife, who manipulated her into liquidating her assets to buy them a house. I brought her here without realizing how bad of health she is in. The doctor and behavioral specialist believe she has Lewy Body Dementia. But, I am not sure that she does.

My mother is soon to be 77 years old and is extremely lazy and has been for the last 30 years. She lays in bed all day and watches TV. She only gets up to eat and use the bathroom. She has bi-lateral osteoarthritis in her knees so she is in pain. Loves to take every pill available to her, high blood pressure meds, diabetes meds, anti depressants, anxiety meds - and then requests more like asthma meds, nitro, etc...

She does hallucinate seeing many cats with large heads in our yard, which she has even gone outside to leave food for them. She has trouble remembering or completing sentances - she forgets words and what she wanted to say. She forgets how to turn off the water. Unhygenic for sure, will not shower or brush her teeth. She shuffles her feet when she walks -- all the symptoms are there but only some of the time.

Some days she seems normal. Other days not at all. Is this how LBD works? I get so confused, like is she playing me? or is she sick.

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Above is a link to a chat forum specifically for Lewy Body Dementia. Learn all you can about dementia and you'll realize it's not linear. Behaviors tend to change dramatically from day to day, sometimes. Your mom is hallucinating seeing cats with large heads in your yard, doesn't bathe or groom herself, and you question her dx because she's not acting unhinged 24/7? That will come in time.....enjoy the lucidity when it shows up.

I suggest you read this 33 page booklet which has the best information ever about managing dementia and what to expect with an elder who's been diagnosed with it.

Understanding the Dementia Experience, by Jennifer Ghent-Fuller

Jennifer is a nurse who worked for many years as an educator and counsellor for people with dementia and their families, as well as others in caring roles. She addresses the emotional and grief issues in the contexts in which they arise for families living with dementia. The reviews for her books are phenomenal b/c they are written in plain English & very easy to read/understand. Her writings have been VERY helpful for me.

The full copy of her book is available here:

Teepa Snow on YouTube also has some good instructional videos on how to bathe and groom an Elder with dementia.

You may be in way over your head here. If so, look into Memory Care Assisted Living for her if she has funds, or a SNF on Medicaid if she does not.

Best of luck to you.


She may be mentally ill or may have Lewy's or may have other Dementias, but one thing she is not, likely, is playing with you. Lewy's is one of the dementias very difficult to diagnose and often is diagnosed by it symptoms, and hallucinations is one of them. They are often very very real and my brother could describe his in great detail down to how people were dressed. There can be occasional foot tapping. There can be occ. difficulty with swallow or loss of sense of taste and smell. It is notorious for poor balance, but Parkinsons can manifest with poor balance and Hallucinations as well. Your Mom needs a full neuro-psychiatric consult and exam with scans now. She may require placement. I am so sorry.
Look up Lewy's here on AgingCare on the top line with the search magnifying glasses. Go on Facebook to find groups you can join who will help you find out about it and talk about it. Also type in Lewy's Bodies Dementia online which is absolutely FULL of information for you.
I sure wish you good luck.

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