I am the only caregiver to my mother. I had 6 caregivers within a year or more. They take advantage of me being too nice. I live with my mother. My health is always up and down. I'm isolated, stressed and my friend calls me a complainer. I have no life of my own. Siblings don't help and don't respond to my emails if its negative. What do you say to a friend who doesn't get it? I'm coming down with something now because I can't keep living like this with no break. No one sharing responsibility.

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I am cut out but after 2 yrs with no long-term help and doing this totally will crack at times and you will burn out. No offense to second comment, but you can't do this alone over a long time period..

It sounds like things are not going well. Have you considered making other arrangements for your mom's care? If you are sick and doing what you are doing is making you sick and miserable, I'd explore other options. Everyone is not cut out for hands on caregiving. Plus, you may need to focus more on your heath.

I hope you can find some help and relief.

People don't understand what its like to be a caregiver and that makes them feel uncomfortable, so they react by pulling away.

We caregivers are out there and this web sit does help, in my opinion. I haven't found a support group in my area but maybe there's one where you live?

Caregivers usually don't have much, if any, extra time but it's important to find some "me" time if nothing else at least for a short mental break. The main thing is to know you are not alone.

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