My grandmother was 104, and lived at home! She loved a good fight, to the end. She taught me verbal sparring!

Her last day, I walked in and said “granny! Wake up! No lounging!” She opened her eyes and said “Cindy, I Love You!”

These are your family members! There are predators out there, that will suck the money person, and your family, bankrupt!

My advice? If your elder person, starts dating another younger? Or other person? First, background check! Second, try to convince your family person to put the money in a trust situation. The level of trust depends on the threat!

If you contemplate real danger? An irrevocable trust is best, and a trusted family member take charge. Don’t do like my brother, oh I’m in charge draining them accounts! That’s just like the dam digger! An attorney? No! no! No! They are piranhas!

A family member who is not a greedy piranha!

Bottom line? Do not let the gold digger and her/his lawyer get their claws into bank accounts, credit cards, property assets, anything! If the elder person is driven to love and marry? Get the assets into an irrevocable trust (cannot get invaded) have a pre-nuptial signed and sleep easy!

Consider your parent! It’s for their safety, but irrevocable trusts, are just that! Carved in stone!

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The problem is people can’t be controlled. My mom gave tons of money to my brothers. How could I stop her?

What about the television preachers that drain the elderly? Remember Jim Bakker? It would be nice to be able to protect them but damn near impossible!

What happens when the trusted family member is the gold digger?

Financial abuse of the elderly by predators is very real, and is everywhere. My family's came from a very "loving" caregiver who came recommended! She drained her patient of everything, even his dog! She put on a good act. So Mspriss, amen to your advice about trying to get them to protect their assets when they are younger and more able to make clear decisions on their own. Once the dementia creeps in... it's a whole other, messier, complicated ballgame.

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