Hello everyone. I was here last year because my dad was suffering from Alzheimer's but has since passed. I actually deleted this sight thinking "well now it's just me an my mom". After my dad passed my mom went to another place in her head. I have not had mental time to even grieve for my dad because taking care of her is now a full time job. She has been diagnosed with dementia and is almost 85. I have still not been able to work, still can't get my divorce over with, still have no one that will help me with...i.e. My kids or sister. I find myself back in the place my mind once was "wishing I was not here anymore". Wanting to be with my dad who was the one who I was always close too. Therapist is not helping in any way anymore. Almost like she is tired of hearing about it all. I've had a small window of time to get off a lot of the pills I was taking but I'm right back at square one. I wish I could understand how people, including family just walk away when I needed them most. I am so done, so fried mentally.. Don't want this anymore :(

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