Back in 80s left Piedmont airlines to take of Mother. She passed in 89. People thought it so easy just to take care of someone. 1st there didn't leave house for 3 months. It is hard people have no idea. For you care takers thumbs up. I give u big credit thx for ur work.

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It's hard even if you don't do the physical care; all the anxious phone calls, many "needs", caregivers and helpers who quit, paperwork to do over and over (why Medicaid refused my mom, who has nothing except a small SS - no house, car, or anything, and can not walk, rollator to the bathroom, wheelchair anywhere out of the apt, is a complete mystery to me, and now I forget how we sent it in in the first place, because she threw away all the paperwork - aaarrrgh!)

Flyer, great response!

annelib1, I also didn't realize how hard it was to take care of someone until my very elderly parents [90+] started to need my attention.

I remember grumbling at work about driving my parents all over hill and dale. One co-worker said "don't forget your parents drove you all over the place when you were a child". I thought about that for a moment and said "that's true, but my parents weren't 65 when I was a child, big difference".

Now when I hear of a grown child caring for parent(s), I have a better understanding. You are so right, it is hard.

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