Insure you are seen together by as many different persons as possible, neighbors,waitresses, hair stylists, Drs, mailman, if not you will be hard pressed to prove you did anything but sit around eating sammiches sponging off some old person!
It is amazing the low opinion of caregivers and god forbid you were paid or are to be paid! Anyone can say anything and drag things out! usually lawyers or tax men design vague and terrible trust and amendments so they can then control everything and they are very used to this and very slick at pulling it off!
I was already a 50% beneficiary of a $2.3 million cash trust before being asked to help spare Grandmother a care home and preserve the trust and live with family etc.
Everything was fine until Pradaxa was prescribed in Nov 2011, after this our lives were ruined. It killed her but took 2 yrs during which she was in ICU several times for weeks with transfusions and strokes.
Her estate won a class action Pradaxa settlement but just after she died.
They awarded her $125k !! of which she received $58k
Not much for killing someone eh?
My life was forever changed more than I knew!
I learned after her death I was cut out losing $1million+
to a daughter in LA who is always begging for $ in dire straights always some new school scam and who had only met her 3 times.
So I had to go to Probate and get an atty at 40% to get my money I earned!
from family who know it was mine and earned and relied upon, but they got atty to fight me for my $ I learned Grandma had a stale AB trust but never told anyone that 1/2 was irrevocable!! what a mess I am too upset to type correctly so will stop for now, there is a lot more to this story than I can get to now.

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