Do any caregivers think there is a need for the following services:

I have had a heart for helping people in tough positions my whole life and have been "drawn" or called to open a business helping people deal with contents of homes of elderly people, whether they've passed on to Glory, to Nursing Home or to family home.
For more than 15 years now I have not been able to shake the strong desire to open a business to provide services do physical work for people grieving families to aid them in inventory documentation and control, financial evaluation, packing, cleaning, protection, storage and/or donation of items and help in finding forever homes for much loved animal pains me to think of vulnerable families being taken advantage of during this time and I want to do what I can to provide a fair and honest service that sees the family through the whole process. My initial desire also included providing meals, pet care and therapy pet visits to housebound elderly but soon realized that State and County services have that locked up tight.

Please give me feedback as to details and do's and don'ts you may think of. I think after I finish my chemo treatments and regain strength I will go forward with this and I respect all opinions from my fellow caregivers on this site.
Thanks y'all, Angel

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Thanks Jeanne, after shoveling out my in-laws house for the last 3 years (hoarders galore) to save it from County condemnation I think I could do the hoarding houses too. I have been shocked to hear just how many elders are hoarders and families need help cleaning it up. Thanks for the thoughts and direction!

Sounds good to me.

First research what is already available in your area, and think about how your service would be different. Are there companies that come in, sort the contents of the house, price items, and hold estate sales? If so, do they take care of donations of items that don't sell, disposal of items not suitable for sales, etc? Are there firms that help clean out hoarder homes? Would you also handle that situation?

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