My stepmother came down with Alzheimer's around 10 years ago and she started having night screams 3 times a night, like at 1am, 3am and 5am. She would scream like crazy wanting to get some help getting to the toilet. Well, Adult Protection was called and they wanted my Dad to move to a Senior Citizen home so he wouldn't have to get up every night. Well, he wasn't going to leave "his" home which was only in "his" name and just move away from his sick wife. I feel that they need to reprimand or fire the young women who works for Dekalb County GA Adult Protection agency because she is pulling "well" citizens from their homes and leaving sick people with Alzheimer's there to scream all night and keep all the neighbors up.

As it turned out, not only did it kill my Dad but it has also killed both of the neighbors on both sides of their house. The government needs to see this and realize the government, like in Dekalb County Georgia, can't just take out well citizens and leave someone who is screaming her head off all night in a community of elderly people. Those neighbors aren't going to get any sleep either and I feel very guilty (as Dekalb County Adult Protection should) that we were keeping a screaming Alzheimer's patient (with night screaming) at home and putting the neighbors at risk. God, I'm sorry.

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I agree, your stepmother should have been removed and evaluated. She probably needed meds and more care then ur Dad was capable of giving. I would find out who is in charge and write a letter. Maybe not so much firing the person, but maybe explaining to her how she could have handle the problem differently.

Your MIL condition sounds horrible. It seems to me she could use some meds to help calm her and get her to sleep at night.

I hope you're not living with her and having to put up with the screaming.

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