hello, I am a 48 year old male (unmarried), unemployed, and have been caring for my 91 year old mother since my father died. Are there any financial programs to help me and paying for care? My Mother receives survivor benefit from my father who served 30 years in USN. He died on july 17 2002.

hope not too much info, thanks.

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I have a POA on file at my mom's main bank account, and online banking has provided an easy way to take care of her bills (without having to sign 18 million different times on the signature line of an actual check).

I was thinking it would be easier for incidental purchases if my name was on her account - so I could pay for groceries etc with her money.

Is it better to pay those kinds of thing out of pocket and then have her reimburse me?

You should first and foremost contact your Area Agency on Aging. There are many resources you can pull from. Some are financially needs based, others are not.

Mom may qualify for VA Aid and Attendance in addition to Dad's USN retirement. That would bring another $1,057 per month into the household.

I would also urge you to look in to any Medicaid long-term care diversion programs in your state that may assist with care in the home.

Make sure that you have a proper durable power of attorney, advance directives, and testamentary documents (will, trust, etc.) so you can handle all of mom's affairs.

Lastly, once a durable power of attorney is in place take your name off of all of her accounts! Joint accounts create more problems than they solve if and when you apply for public benefits. The power of attorney once filed with financial institutions will permit you to transact her accounts.

Clay, unfortunately I could never find any help for myself. What I did do, however, is contact my moms social worker. With my moms income, she was eligible for 12 hours of free caregiving, a week, through the city. I pretty much nosed my way in and was hired on as a caregiver. My mom is now my client. Its not much at all, but its something!! Other than that, the city offers $500 a YEAR. Yeah, like that helps, and they didnt even do it last year beacause of lack of funds. Maybe theres something like that where you live?? I know its not alot of help, if at all, but good luck!

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