the dr. said he can make his own decisions . very clearly!! yay!! i hate it my mom is going to be so mad at me but she said go get a lawyer. i was just trying to get paid.. she is in very poor health.... mom and aunt i guess dont trust me and think ill try to get all his money... now i understand why no trust. mom tried to get that money as soon as grandma passed, i stopped it at the bank then she went and got poa and moved it or changed the name on it. but shes going to have to locate it. its so sad i told gma give mom poa and put her on bank acct. she offered it to me. but i knew mom could be trusted. i thought. im just trying to survive after he passes. i cant pay the next months bills. and we r so close it will tke me some time to put myself back together... little do they all know i want my grandmas and gpas wishes repected. so no matter how things are listed they will get their share... hes been asking me to get a lawyer and get mom off the acct and wants to change the will. he wants me to have everything. but i respect my gma enough to give the others theirs. and i probably wont even have to.. that will show them im not the greedy one... weall used to b so close. my aunt dissowned me cuz right after gma passed gmp put his half of the house in my name. i guess it really doesnt matter what i do im going to be hated by some..if thats who they are very sad for them and i dont want them in my life... still hurts though.... im in such a moral delema,.. bottom line im going to give my gpa the respect he deserves. thanks for letting me vent.. im so dreading whts next.. but will ber relieved as well...

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Robs, that's very very good news! I'm so glad that you're able to do this. Watch your back. Once your mom and aunty find out what you did, they will try to accuse you of abuse. Please keep all your grandpa's bills and the receipts. Try not to mix yours and his expenses. Just have all your ducks in a row in case they ever try to accuse you of abusing your POA.

Bank accounts - keep it separate. Your checking account is solely for your expenses. His account - which you can have POA or whatever document - so that you can have access to pay for his bills. Keep all bills/receipts together.

I have a copier/printer. I photocopy all of my dad's expenses because these receipts tend to fade. I've also did a very simple Excel worksheet which I file: "Dad's Expenses - 2014" It just has dates (8/26 - Tue), Place (Kmart), Description (3 pampers, 2 wipes, 1 bag liners, grape juices...), Cost ($xx.xx), and FOP (form of payment - MC or Cash or check #). I can look at a glance how much was spent, where and what for. I total the cost for the whole month, etc... If anyone decides to ask for the receipt of this or that, I have in the Excel the date, and where to find it in the chronological dates of the photocopied receipts.

I'm glad that it's all working out for you!

Congratulations, you got half gmp's house, your mom got gma's money but lost the paper work and pretty soon you'll be POA so you can pay all your bills! And pay yourself too! How nice! After all that the state will reward you with your own cell at the RCC in Roswell. Enjoy the vacation!

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