I saw in discussion you can call in hospice care for bathing, etc, and to give the caregiver a break. Is this covered by insurance? My sister and I can't afford to have home health aides come in to help. Mom has no money. My sister, primary caregiver, needs some help and I can't help her any more than I already do. I sleep there 3 nights a week as it is, accompany on doc's vs, etc. my husband is ready to leave me and my son feels like i have abandoned him. No one else gets it. everyone too is sick of hearing about it. there is hardly anyone in our lives that demonstrates any compassion. help me!

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the doctor says my husband has few months to live. he has ALZ. he has all but stopped eating and drinking and does not know what is going on around him. he can walk and does not sleep at all durning the day. sleeps at night even though he has sleep apenea . he has lost almost 40 pounds. I do not know what to expect what will mostly likely take him? the not eating and drinking? How can doctors tell how long someone has?

Hospice is covered by medicare. They accept the dementia/alz diagnosis and can provide help with personal care, etc. It's not just for the last few weeks. You can call them and they'll let you know what services may be available.

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