This forum alone could provide material which includes health issues, home care. facility care, humor and burnout, etc.

At the moment I can only think of one show, a sitcom that featured seniors ‘The Golden Girls’ which was a big hit!

Reality stars make a fortune! Wouldn’t it be wonderful if some of the money would be donated and designated to seniors in need?

I honestly thought ‘reality’ shows would be a passing fad.

Nope, all these years later, shows like The Kardashians, Real Housewives, The Bachelor and many others have soared in popularity!

Why? I don’t know? I have never seen an episode of any of them, but people seem to love a ‘reality’ show format.

Who thinks their family member could be a major star in the show?

My mom would certainly land the part for ‘perfectionist’ mother! Also, ‘talented’ mother. In her younger days, mom was extremely creative in many areas.

What part would your family member play?

I do think if the show was done as a documentary style, it could absolutely be educational for all of us. The show could have professionals such as geriatric doctors, nurses and psychiatrists to narrate and do interviews.

If it went the other way, entertainment style, it surely would be interesting!

There are a vast amount reality shows that cover a wide range of topics. I do watch the series on PBS on researching ancestry. It’s fascinating and I started on my own family tree.

Would any topic be unapproachable or should it all be covered?

Anyone who has raised a child will testify that birth and child development is amazing!

Aging is also fascinating, just from the opposite perspective, aging and dying.

I wonder if the elderly community would welcome a show that told their side of the story in a transparent way.

What impact would a show like this would have on the perception of aging?

Would it be a wake up call for some? Would it be shocking or thought provoking?

It always made me sad when my mom would say that society forgets about the elderly and she felt invisible at times.

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Thanks, Beatty!

Old People's Homes for 4 year Olds on YouTube.

If my link works, have a look at this doco / experiment.

I used to love the Golden Girls (?as a teen-young adult). They were not the super aged of today's world - one was middle aged I think?

Now a modern re-do with 90s+ folk would be good. But then again, we don't want to be laughing AT them. We (as a society) need compassion for our elders.

We also need a way better system for Aged Care than a lounge with one TV station 😔.


Well, perhaps a documentary series.

If a reality show could be presented in the right manner, that would be fine too.

You have a unique position in witnessing people age. You have truly known both sides, as owners and having your father stay at your facility. I would love seeing your knowledge shared on a television program.

I do feel there is so much to discuss that it can’t possibly be told in an hour long special. So a series of some sort would be fantastic.

I was thinking you meant reality show not documentary. My bad. Still not sure.


Yes, that is why I feel it would be appreciated more from a documentary standpoint.

It would educate people on true aspects of aging and enlighten those who are not involved in elder care.

Maybe people would have more appreciation for the elderly and their caregivers.

Golden Girls was a sitcom and done purely as entertainment.

I wouldn’t want to watch. I deal with elderly all the time and most of it is not fun and games. Humorous moments don’t happen all that often. I found Golden Girls offensive on several levels.


Grumpy Old Men was fantastic!

I also love Violet on Downton Abbey! That’s who I want to be when I grow up! LOL

Such a show was tried. As mentioned earlier on, it was called the "Cool Kids". I watched it twice and didn't care for it.

Now, if a director/writers could come up with something like a comedy/drama series it might work. Like "Grumpy Old Men" which was a movie back in the early 1990's and starred Jack Lemmon, Walter Matthau, and Ann-Margret.

I must confess that my millennial daughters frequently tell me that I am out of the loop as far as social media goes.

Just asking...

How many of you feel that more and more people entertain themselves with YouTube, TicToc, Instagram, Facebook, podcasts, etc?

I do feel movie theaters are one day going to be a thing of the past.

I hope that live theatre NEVER goes away. I adore the theatre.

With Covid people can’t enjoy live entertainment at the moment.

People seem to love television! Not all, but many do. There are some good programs and a bunch of crappy programs too!

Some long running programs actually boggle my mind as to why they are still on because they are totally scripted! Just sensationalized stupidity! LOL


Really? Thanks for the info. I will do a search on that show.

Only one season? Interesting. So, what do you feel could have been done differently for it to have been more successful?

Please share your thoughts because I was not aware of this show. What network was it on?


I’m game if you are! I love your thoughts.

I feel there would be so much insight and value to an ‘accurate’ telling of what aging truly represents from various points of view.

You’ve inspired me to perhaps discuss this with a few people.

My godson works in the film industry. Another godson has actually starred in one.

I realize that all participants would have to consent to filming and telling their life stories.

We have HIPPA laws in place to prevent the invasion of privacy for those who have no desire to share their lives with the public.

Television reaches the masses. I lean more towards a ‘documentary’ style programming format too.

I haven’t watched it but I have seen commercials for the morbidly obese people who share their stories. What’s the name of that show?

So why not do a show on aging?

Thanks NeedHelpWithMom, an interesting and thought provoking post. I agree the reality shows are so shallow. What is the attraction? Where is the reality... they're all scripted.

It would be interesting to have a docuseries about aging. The trials and tribulations of aging. The joys of grand parenting. The vicissitudes of life. The high cost of aging.

Is living to be 90, even in good health, a blessing or a curse? What would those folks say? What would a geriatrician say?

I love the concept. What if we would write to our local TV station and suggest such a program?

What an interesting idea! I like it!

Love your idea! Elderly care and the roads they go down due to personal circumstances are often never considered by everyone who is young and free.
Itwould turn an eye on the futures any one of us might face and hopefully encourage discussion and consideration for the "loved" ones who often end up journeying the end chapter alone or with little family support. The are many reasons for this, but it could make a difference to society.
I truly hope someone in TV world picks up on this...

Oops! Misread the thread. A reality series would be great! With all topics open. I think I would definitely watch something like this.
My dad would be in the kitchen cooking for everyone. Last I checked on him he baked everyone a big chocolate cake.

Currently in his facility there seems to be a never ending coffee shortage that I hear about daily.

The cable tv never seems to work so I have to give the Green Bay Packer’s report on game day.

on my dad’s second night there he was assaulted by a house mate because my dad was sticking up for someone that that this lady was being mean to. He got punched in the face and the lady got removed from the facility by the police or some such thing. Then when she was allowed back in the facility they gave her her 30 day vacate notice.
It was shocking and a bit scary for a hot minute.
My dad had a good chuckle about it recently.

There was a show about seniors living in assisted living 2 years ago. I thought it was pretty funny. Only lasted 1 season called the Cool Kids. It starred David Alan Grier, Vicki Lawrence, The amazing Leslie Jordan, and Martin Mull. They covered a lot of topics.


Oh, you just made me giggle. Yes, some of it would have to be ‘R’ rated or at least a ‘warning’ due to language! 😂

I guess I do have a quirky side. Yes, like you I have also felt that we could learn so much if we were willing to listen.

Thanks for responding to my posting. I find your answer to be quite refreshing.

I think this would be very educational and I think we'd hear some things from the elders that we would not expect. The staff believes (and I agree with them) that my LO knows "deep, deep down" that she really cannot live alone and will likely never leave NH. I imagine there are many elders who at least somewhat know that's true and they are in a "home" because they are loved but simply ran short of caregivers in their former independent lives. It would be interesting to hear them plan a day and carry it out. Every single nursing home resident has a lot to share and I think we should listen.

Seriousness aside, I did laugh out loud at the notion of a reality show within the walls of a nursing home. My LO alone could star in it - although her vocabulary might give it an "R" rating! I have spent a lot of time trying to convince the NH staff that the things LO says are not necessarily "dementia" as they try to tell me. Nope - the lady was always a little odd with poor judgment and not very bright. It's not dementia - or at least not all of it! All kidding aside, she might very much enjoy the spotlight - especially since she's the "only one" there who can carry on a conversation (according to HER, that is!).

I think it would be thought provoking and I'd like to see it happen. I picture more of a documentary format.


I saw some of what you are describing in your brother’s facility in the nursing home that my mom did rehab in.

The communal room with the television always had one channel on, game show network. They watched Steve Harvey every evening!

One old lady always asked me to move her wheelchair away from the woman they ‘parked’ her by because the other woman annoyed her to no end!

Another woman would beg me for money for the vending machine.

I ended up going to the store and bought a whole bag full of snacks and asked the head nurse for permission to give them away to anyone that didn’t have dietary restrictions. I was quite popular with the old folks after that!

Then there was the woman who had a broken rosary in her hand and told me that she was lonely and asked if I could please talk with her for a few moments.

I did chat with her for a few minutes, before or after visiting with my mom.

I was touched when she told me that she would say a rosary prayer for me.

I thanked her and said that I would pray for her too.

I also fixed her rosary because I make jewelry and brought my tools with me one day so I could repair the broken part.

She always sat away from the other women. I’m not sure why. I think they tired of watching the same channel on tv all the time.


Very true! Sophia was always my favorite character on that show! Hahaha, loved her spunk!

Betty White is still alive. She’s adorable. She has said that the key to a long life is being optimistic and eating a hotdog for lunch everyday!

So funny! If only life could work out that well for every senior!

The ironic thing about The Golden Girls is those women were in their 50's and 60's (even Estelle Getty who played Ma) playing middle aged widows and one divorcee, if you think about it they were hardly part of the senior demographic they supposedly represent.

Yes, Alva. You knew about his life because you had a wonderful relationship with your brother.

There are so many things that the general public has no idea about.

Your brother would have been a great person to share information with others.

There’s so much that we could learn, if others had a public platform in which people could speak about the various topics.

People are living longer! My mom is 95.

Some seniors are relatively healthy and active, while others struggle and are suffering in life.

What would you like to see portrayed if a ‘reality’ show were ever to be aired on television?

Would you watch a continuous show on aging?

I do know that their are legal issues to address as well.

My godson did participate in a ‘reality’ show.

He was approached by his trainer. He accepted the offer. He made lots of money doing it.

The attorneys behind the scenes did a background check. He owed his ex wife child support money.

They told him he had to have all debts paid before doing the show.

They did not want any negative feedback to be seen on any of the participants that could harm the reputation of the show.

He paid every penny to his ex wife, then was free to appear on the show. I was glad that he did that.

Mothers deserve child support payments and unfortunately they don’t always get it, even with going to court numerous times to get it.

It is so funny you post this today. I was just talking to someone about how my bro and I would sit and giggle about how much living in his ALF was like being in a 60s-70s commune. Everything but the love beads! I mean a squabble a second, community meetings to decide EVERYTHING. Bickers over how high or low the shades should be drawn in the community room. Elders actually taking and hiding the channel control for sound and channels on the communal living room TV. No agreement about quiet hours, and on and on. Think about it. How hard is it for us to live with our own FAMILIES and here we are wanting our elders to live together and all get along.

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