First thing negative that happened was mom remembered she used  to smoke. All day for the past three days she's been begging for a cigarette. Then her disability check didn't come on the first. They stopped it while she was in rehab and I let her social security worker or whatever they're called that she was back home. I've left messages on her voicemail I've spoken to supervisor I can't get an answer as to what is going on. I hope I'm just being impatient. Then the new owners of her seniors only apartment complex are remodeling which I normally would think was great. They're having a meeting tomorrow to explain that they will pay for the hotel and storage fees. Meaning sometime in the near future I'm going to have to move mom into a hotel and find a storage unit argh!!!!! I tried explaining it to her and all she said was she wants a cigarette now!

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Youre doing a great job, just keep track of the people you speak to at S.S. (& dates). Cuz it seems like some of the workers tell me different stories... (& I get better results when I can refer to my notes of prior calls). It's a f.t. job for sure! God bless.

Yep, I gave Dad that cigarette he wanted. Gave to him about 5 times but only lit it twice. He didn't like it and prefered just holding it. Asked for it a couple of times after that but didn't make an issue of it if I said "I don't smoke so I don't have any".

I hope the apt complex paid for movers as well.

Sparky - at this stage of dementia, just let her have a cigarette. She may only smoke a few and forget about it again. At least it brings her some pleasure. And you certainly don't need more stress in your life.

About the impending move, ask them to pay for moving costs, too. When I was handling a rehab project for a low income apartment complex, we paid for everything, hotel, moving there and moving back and any incidental expenses.

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