I start working at 6:00 each night and never get a day off. Since I live across the street I can go back home through out the night after I have finished my obligations.  I go over every 2 hours for about 15 minutes each time until 4 in the morning. 
My question is would you consider this on call? I don't really get to go anywhere and she expects me to come over if she calls.  My pay is $250.00 pr wk.  I don't work through any company.

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I'd be very concerned about getting hurt myself attending to the needs of someone so large. You don't say if she is mobile or able to help herself in any way. I ruined (and I mean RUINED) my back improperly helping a 150 lb woman to get in and out of a car, in and out of bed.

And, HECK YES this is being on call!!! You sleep in 2 hr increments and then you go to a regular job? If not, then your days and nights are flipped and you could sleep days and be up nights. It's still being on call, when you cannot leave.

You're being paid the going rate, but check with someone (an acct or attorney) who could guide you int the ways to file you income taxes appropriately.

You can't ever leave? That's kind of indentured servitude. Where is this woman's family? Who feeds her and helps her during the day?

Are you Hercules or Incredible Hulk?

Janie, I remember when my Dad had night service and it was through an Agency, and he paid $30 per hour for an 8 hour shift [$240 per day]... and the caregiver remained in the house and had to keep awake for her whole shift. My Dad was a fall risk, thus the caregiver had to keep one ear to the ceiling to hear when my Dad would get up to use the bathroom. She would let Dad sleep until the next caregiver came in at 7 a.m.

Since you don't work for an Agency, then you don't have Workman's Comp, unless the patient had bought such an insurance policy just in case you got hurt on the job.

Who takes care of this patient during the day? Family or another caregiver?

Curious why you go home for 2 hours then back to the patient's house for 15 minutes? One would think you would be there the whole night. Or unless she calls you.  I would be worried what if the patient is unable to call you due to a medical emergency.

Janie, first, if this is your real name, use the "contact us" link at the bottom of the page and ask the Admins to help you change your screen name, if you don't know how otherwise. NEVER use your real name on a forum, especially when you provide enough information for someone to be able to determine who the person is that you're working for.

Second, if I calculate correctly, your working hours are 10 hours, out of which you're scheduled for15 minutes per hour, plus being on call. How often does she call you, and what amount of overall time does that constitute?

Alternately, how many hours per week do you work?

How often does she call you to come over, in addition to the 15 minutes or so that seems to be the regular "shift"?

When I read your post, I immediately thought that there's a bigger issue and that's the physical challenge (and danger) if you're lifting this woman by yourself. What are your duties and responsibilities? Are you responsible for turning her and helping her get out of bed? For toileting assistance?

Someone that size really needs more than one person if physical assistance is part of the responsibilities.

BTW, are you getting any benefits? Is she taking deductions for the usual withholding from a salary?

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