I share stories with others, it helps to vent, laugh, the "it's all worth it part of caregiving!" So Please... Share a Story!


Sharing this story may help some of you... My mom was no picnic lol. She would lose stuff, hide stuff, the things I wanted her to find she couldn't, the things I hid from her, she found. I'm sure a lot of you know that chapter. Mom could not be left alone, for 30 seconds, she got into trouble. Mischievous she was, you'd say. So one day... doing errands with her all day, for me and her, etc. We were both worn out. I got her comfy in front of the tv and said " I know your hungry, I need to go upstairs and put the laundry away, then I'll fix dinner. Ok mom?" She says "Ok"... so ...I come down stairs thinking ooh she's quiet, good yeah... so as I'm walking down the steps I say "mom" just to check on her in the living room down the hall opposite end of the kitchen. She says "I'm good" then I walk into the kitchen .... it looked like Ernie and Burt had a food fight ...YIKES ! There was bread all over, peanut butter and jelly all over the cabinets counters walls.... I count to 100... so I go in where mom was sitting... She's eating a pbnj sandwich, the biggest one I had ever seen. With her mouthful and covered in pbnj. She says "this is the best sandwich I ever had" how could I get mad!? with a huge smile on her face. The image comes to mind when I hear the word sandwich, still.

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Last night DW had one of her itching episodes. In bed she is trying to scratch her back by rubbing it on the sheets. Nothing ever stops them. I was trying to sleep and the bed was bouncing so much there was no way I could rest. So I headed for the couch. After laying there and entering the twilight zone of slumber, I felt something touching me. I opened my eyes and there she was with a blanket. She continued to cover me with it and went back to bed. I slept well the rest of the night.
To me this shows that there is still something left inside of her that is from the real past. A good memory for me.

I am sure that there are a lot of stories I could share here but none come to mind at this very moment, but when she did not have this diagnosis, she had taken my son to clean up a bit at the cemetery. She had him pulling weeds. He was having a hard time with a particular weed and he told her that someone must be holding it from under the ground. She used to LOVE telling that story about her grandson. And the story about her granddaughter, my daughter, threatening that she (my daughter was not getting her way one day) was going to call 911.

I try to do little things for my mom. since going over board trying to make her happy isn't going to work anyway.

my mom cant wear her wedding ring because she has arthritis in her fingers and her knuckles are large. (from medical transcribing on those old typewriters we think)

so I search out in stores or on ebay for those stretch rings. some are over the top, but some are more conservative. I get her some of those, and she is so proud to wear a ring.
I know she felt bad not wearing a ring, she felt it is was sending the wrong message to anyone seeing NO RING ON LEFT HAND lol.
idk I sometimes think its sad, she has a beautiful diamond wedding ring to wear...but shes seems satisfied with her -/+ 10$ rings.

also I took her pecans I had cracked that came from her tree at the house where she lived for 50+ years. she thanked me several times for that.

I can bring her an orange from my tree to share. and just sitting together eating our orange I can tell she enjoys that.

I have some funny stories that I could/would share, but I don't think they fit with what you are asking "its all worth it"

either that or I just cant think of any right now. which scares me, cause I always think im getting dementia myself.

This is more of a "MIL" story (and my goodness, I have hundreds!)
My MIL does not have the best reasoning skills, put mildly. She's not dumb, just has a really weird way of looking at life.

Some years ago, she calls me. "Hey, where do I get like 50 lb bags of D-Con?" I say "Why in the world would you need that much? What's going on?" "well, I saw a mouse in the yard and it was looking at the house like it wanted to come in, because it's getting cold now and they want to come in where it's warm. I know you have had horrible problems with mice (we live in the country, so yes, at times we'd get mice)--I want to sprinkle D-COn around the perimeter of my house to warn the mice away."

After I got through laughing hysterically, I explained how D-CON WORKS and thought I had dissuaded her from doing just that.

Nope, DH comes home from work and she had called him about it. He wasn't quite as nice as I was. Said D-COn didn't work like Kryptonite to Superman--it actually ATTRACTS mice. She didn't believe him either and called her other 2 kids and some neighbors.

BTW, lived in the same house for 62 years and has NEVER had a mouse.

My mom, in a facility kept insisting someone named “Joyce” kept coming to visit her. Well, that’s my name. It was early in her diagnoses of dementia, so I kept telling her, “Yes, Mom. I’M Joyce!” She would constantly disagree with me and say that Joyce came to see her the day before, when I hadn’t been there. Then small things that weren’t her’s began showing up in her room. She’d tell me “Joyce” gave them to her. Now, in 64 years, I’ve known only 2 other people named Joyce. I was afraid my mom was taking these things from other rooms. I kept telling her, “Yes, Mom.. I’m Joyce!”

One day I was I visiting her and a woman. I’d never seen before came into Mom’s room with a basket of snack crackers and candy.
“Hi!” She said, “I’m Joyce!” She and Mom proceeded to have a merry conversation about the people at mom’s old apartment, where they’d first met. Someday I’ll share the “people coming through the walls” story.

So sweet. I liked that story.