hardship for my husband and I. There seems to be no help for us. All help is geared toward the patient. I am appreciative of that help but if my husband and I dont soon find help, we may have to put my mother in a nursing home. Any suggetions?

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ginger, what condition is your mother in physically? There are several options for seniors, depending on their health and finances. Many people continue to work while taking excellent care of their parents. There are assisted living (AL) facilities for people who are able to do many things for themselves, but need someone to cook, clean, and assist in other ways. If your mother is not in good health, there are nursing facilities that are very nice. They aren't like they are back when I was a child.

If your mother is cared for, you should be able to work every day and visit her. AL tends to be expensive, so is difficult to afford if someone is living on SS alone. However, you can check to see if she qualifies for subsidized placement. If she needs a nursing facility, she may qualify for Medicaid.

Please let us know a bit more about her situation and someone may have some helpful information.

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