meant to be she was living with her eldest son who did take advantage of her for past two years shes been living with her other son his job moved him out of country so she was just passing through our house till we found her a nursing home she has always just been cranky and forgetful because of the demenchia the past week or so she has showed violent tendies towards her daughter she has not been violent with me or my children my question was what kind of help can i get for her i feel sorry for her she doesnt remember nothing of her past life from what i have been trying to find out about demenchia i think she may be in the severe stages me and her have an agreement ill do anything for her but me or my husband is the only ones allowed to disapline the kids my husband has been unable to find a job so he is with her all day long we are trying to find her a good nursing home quick but people want to drag their feet i just recently found this web site was just hoping the public could give me alittle advise also she is 85 yrs old and can barely walk 2 feet unassited she truly is a sad case of human nature i want to thank all of you out there that was concernrd for me and my childrens safety but i promise you she is old forgetful confused and scared after all she dont even remember her own children thak you all ill word this better next time found out how to extend this im quite computer illiterit

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Please, keep your posts on the original thread you started. Your update answers several questions that people have asked.

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