Pray, keep me in your thoughts, something please...I need to stay calm.


My Grandpa is redoing his will again.. leaving in a few minutes....Aunt will be on phone, Ill be in the room,,, Oh god please let my mouth and body language stay calm. Let me show I can be an adult when I get verbally put down that I cant be trusted. Let me not storm out because she convinced my grandpa to give her ...ooops handle everything!!!! But yet Im trusted enough to do everything needed for grandfather, her dad. And yes, manage money

I cant hold things in anymore, Im saying my feelings, Im walking out a lot now. Im going to lose it... Im tired of the once in a great while thanks because it goes back to...."but.. but.. she or he does and why dont you... "Oh trust.. ha!!!! Like her daughter has been perfect,

Im greedy? Why is EVERYTHING going to her..or under HER name in care of no written agreement just verbal? Why am I loving my grandpa helping him , where is the rest of the family? My dad cant anymore with his health.

Im a puppet on strings...

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Oh and she blamed "someone" meaning me, of giving the lawyer a wrong number!!! Really? I carried the number thats been on the fridge all these years that all the neighbors and us have gotten through to her just fine!!!!

Thanks ba8alou- I get a caregivers help, he pays twice a week for 1hr each day sometimes a little more depending. She is suppose to say 3 hours each time but he sends her home. She cooks, light housework in his areas and suppose to be mainly companion. Any who, dad still tries to help but really cant.

Well, my grandpa surprised me and left my dad, myself and my kids the home we live in!!!! So I am beyond shock and joy!!! Of course the promised funds for school is still a battle as he took my Aunts word for it. Im still grateful though. Idk how Im going to get my kids stay in their school, but whatever I have to do Ill do it. I can have a roof over my kids and dads head and I cant thank my grandpa enough or repay him. But he wants my kids to be stable and figures its the best way to repay us, I kept thanking him and he said your happy, I said yes, he said ok, lets not discuss it, its settled now and I know you know you have to start keeping up bills , so get a job!!!! That get a job was also a great relief to hear from him!!!!
My cousins also got their money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So again, I got my way with that!!!

The lawyer was going to call my Aunt when I left the room, and she is fuming saying she never got a call. Grandpa called her when we got home and he was upset how she was talking and acting, but yet, still says I should talk to her but I dont want to fight. Well, lawyer was ONLY going to call to get her to come in and sign a trustee paper to make sure the kids get it, but grandpa said no worry she will keep her promise!!! Now she wants the Lawyers number and wants to speak with him!!! Hmmm any guesses why?

Overall, I kept my peace, well, it was easy when my Aunt wasnt on the phone because all we do is fight, ha, and we have to stay in contact!! Grandpa and I were basically ok too!!!!

Thank you!!!!

Remind me, you're caring for your grandfather with no help and no payment and no promise of payment. Just tell them in the lawyer's office that this is your last day on the job and mean it.

Oh,, what happened to the rest of my family..grandpas kids/grandkids.(..shes "in charge" of that to?) getting put on it???? meant to add that.. I just cant think....

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