im an LNA at a nursing home in vermont, and i would like to find advice on a couple things, i have a patient i take care of that is mentally challenged, she has the mentality of about a 6 or 7 year old child, we dont have alot of background information on this person, but this person has a touch of downs syndrome, we can get this person to sit still at all, the patient is comabtive, verbally abusive and confused, she has dementia as well, we just have been so distraught on what to do with this patient, i wish i could get some advice on something to help keep this peron occupied becuase we have 29 people we take care of plus this patient, but it seems to me, that she needs a one on one, but we dont have the staff to give her a one on one.and it's not fair to the other 29 people that we spend so much time chasing the patient around, and trying to figure out what to do with the patient becuase of the fact that the patient wont sit still so we can do our jobs for everyone else. does anyone have any pointers on something that maybe we could try to get this patient to sit still or something that will occupy her so that we can all have a better routine and all the patients can get the best care that they deserve. thank you

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Maybe this pt. needs to be in a different place where they can deal with her problems-it sounds like you have tried everything that your facility can do.

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