I know the statistics for moving the elderly are not good but my mother recently took a fall down 9 steps (thankfully was only bruised) and spent 3 days in the hospital and is now getting therapy in rehab to build her strength. The problem with staying in her home is that there are two sets of steps in her house and she is having major difficulty going up and down them. She is 92 and in good health with memory issues being of some difficulty. I've been looking into senior apts. but most of them are income controlled and she is over the allowable amount. I feel so torn about what to do and worry about it day and night. She has been in rehab for a week and a half and I've got to have a solution for when she is released. Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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P4ft11, I think you will receive a variety of suggestions from the agingcare community, which is what makes this forum so helpful. My own take on your situation is that it appears that your mother is going to have "major difficulty" , as you say, with her two sets of steps in her home. As I see it, the only practical and safe way she could remain in her home would be if she were to live on only one floor. And receive in-home help. I don't know if this would work for her and your family. She is up in years and may need to move into a facility for seniors, where she can receive professional care. I myself would lean toward the move into a care facility. After hearing the information you've given us, I feel that that would be the most workable solution. If finances permit an assisted living facility, that might be a good answer. Good luck with this.

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