For background you can find my previous post ("Blind-sided").

Today I'd just like to tell all of you caregivers how much I admire you. I'm a little less than 2 weeks into this journey and those of you that have been doing this for longer than that just amaze me. Really, truly.

My husband left on a business trip on Sunday. We both travel for business from time to time so a household routine change brought up due to travel is usually no big deal around here. But honestly, I can't believe it's only Wednesday. I can't believe he's only been gone for 3 nights! How is that possible when it feels like there hasn't been another stable, coherent adult in this house for weeks!?

I picked my daughter up from her friend's house after school today and as soon as I opened my mouth to chat with the mom I noticed that I...WASN'T...TALK-ING...LIKE...THIS. It felt SO GOOD to just...speak. Just a few minutes ago I was on a conference call with my staff. We were waiting for one last person to join the call and two of my employees were chatting about a new Italian restaurant that just opened up in the city. I practically luxuriated in simply listening to them chatter on about the house pinot!

So to all of you that have shown so much mental, physical and emotional stamina for so long and dealt so selflessly with the isolation and (possible) loneliness at times, I'd just like you to know that if no one else has told you what a marvel you are yet today, you have my complete admiration and I'm thinking of all of you.

Be kind to yourselves, friends, and thank you for all your wisdom.

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Tammy, Lostinthemix, from Michigan

Dear Scout,

Thank you for your kind words. I couldn't agree with you more. I wish I could send flowers and chocolates to each and everyone one you! For all the wise and kind words and for lifting so many us up when we are feeling down.

With much love and hugs to everyone.

Thank you so much, some of us rarely get a “ you are doing a great job!”.
I live with my 97 yr old dad. I just started a new job, very physical work in a garden center. The second I walk through the door, dad needs me, dogs need me, gotta get a quick shower before taking dad to a dr appt, gotta think of what to make for dinner, answer calls from my sibs that tell me everything I “need to be doing for dad”... Most days I just want to cry but your comment made me smile ❤️

Having a bad day dealing with two demented parents - thank you for comment. You are so lucky that you can work and get in another environment.

Scout, your words are very kind. It is funny how time warps when we are dealing with our aged parents.

God bless you for stepping up and helping. Not easy by any stretch and to have young children at home, you are a hero.

Happy Mother's Day 2 u!

Yes, "this is my happy place", even when I'm at my lowest!

I love you all 💜

I agree with you! Not only are the caregivers on here stellar in the care of their loved ones, they're angels on earth sharing their knowledge and experience with others, many even after their caregiving duties are done. I'm amazed again and again at the depth of knowledge when someone posts about the intricacies of Medicaid or trusts or particular kinds of dementia or incontinence. Any topic receives detailed, thoughtful, and helpful information and insight from numerous caregivers, from all over the world. It's a supportive community of caregivers sharing and learning from each other. I'm so proud to be a part of it!

Thank you!

I hope you can retain your employment. That really can be a huge stabilizing influence!

Thank you scout- there are many people on here that are a marvel , and have unimaginable strength, and so much knowledge. A good support system when needed and we all need it at times. So the help is here for you as well if needed.
Best wishes on your journey and May God bless you with what you need to endure. Your post was very kind.

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