What a great idea, I think I will look them up today!

When you get your little camper, look up the group Sisters On The Fly. They are a group of women who have cute little trailers and meet up various places. Another group is The Escapees. They are a mixed group out of (I think) Livingston Texas. They even have a place where when you are too old to travel, you park your RV there and it becomes sort of like a group home where they care for your needs until you die.

If I live long enough I am going with Sisters on the fly. Look them up. I just looked on Facebook and I see they have some name changes.

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We fulltime rv'd for 6 years right after "retiring", it was the best time of my life.

Most of the people are just amazing and you are part of a community wherever you go. Just old time neighborliness, if you saw a need, you helped and it is returned as needed. I wish that brick and mortar neighborhoods would take a clue.

I recommend that anyone thinking about this life style, rent several different rigs before purchasing. You will understand the whole idea after you have lived in a small space for a week. I knew from my 2nd rental that I did not want that deep corner cabinet above my sink, my head couldn't take it on a long term basis 🤩. Things like that are tremendously important when purchasing. Just my opinion and experience.

CW you wouldn't have to wander 24/7/365. I am thinking a trip or two a year might be fun.

Years ago when I read the book Travels With Charley by John Steinbeck I thought that was exactly what I wanted to do when I retired. Now I am older and realize that an older woman alone wandering across North America isn't necessarily the wisest idea, not to mention I've developed some significant phobias around driving. I still think it would be wonderfully fun if I could only find somebody else to hang out with and do the driving.

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