My husband the last of his days I had a bather twice a week but nursing home and doctors bills haven' t been paid too high and had no insurance because of what the Democratic have done when they took office in 2008 they took our health care away from us and our life insurance away from us they thought we rich Ha! Ha! Not. But it's hard taking care of anyone that is bed ridden that's what they need to figure out or universal health care and the basics. Basics for all even them. Because what they are doing now is elder abuse....

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I think our politicians should all be required to have the same healthcare coverage as what they legislate — especially Medicaid. Then maybe they'd understand. The government is collectively stupid, isn't driven by wise or moral motives, and has no real accountability. There should be much less of it so each person has more responsibility for themselves. The bigger the government, the smaller (and more powerless) the citizen. The govt ran the Post Office as a monopoly for decades in the red, and only got its crap together when it was shamed into doing so by FedEx and UPS. A big government is like a giant land animal that can crush others, eat vast amounts of resources (taxes) but can't react very quickly or efficiently and produces mostly nothing but a lot of poo.

Do you have a particular question or is this comment just a vent? I agree that there is room for improvements, but according to your statement, I don’t necessarily feel that your health care was taken away from you. Bills must be paid. If you don’t pay, obviously, there will be consequences.

Best of luck to you and find a knowledgeable source to speak with about how insurance and health care actually works. Many people become confused and either jump to the wrong conclusions or they are listening to misguided information.

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