Last night I went to bend over and I could not. I am 55 very limber or was, which means this was not an oh darn I cannot bend over, I fell to the ground. I had an L4 - L5 fusion from my days of ice skating back in 2006, and have never had any issues. I am wondering is this related to old age, yes, but I am only 55, or have any of you had a back fusion and had severe this is severe as it takes me about 30 minutes to come downstairs? just asking, as also, the stress of caregiving takes a toll.


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That is awesome (freqflyer), not what happened to you, but what you had experienced is what I am feeling. My mother was diagnosed 10 years ago and is still living, she and my father lived with my husband and myself for two years, then it got to be too much, then I continued on, but you are right, a care giving career is not for sissy's, you do not get paid sick pay, (typically), no 401(k), insurance, no vacation pay, with the exception of running into the right job at the right time, and that is not always easy, thanks. A ???? how did you get better?

I had a L4 - L5 fusion due to an old high school ice skating accident.


Livelifefull, hope your back is feeling a bit better. Anything you can do for it to help? Can you do sports rehab?

It was strange because I always been physically active, nothing slowed me down, I could re-arrange furniture without any help, lift heavy packages, etc. Then wham out of no where it all started to change once I started to get closer to 65.

What changed was that I was thrown into caregiving.... I am not hands-on in the same house type of caregiving, more logistics, but it was still very stressful for me. Panic attacks, loss of sleep, I even fell and broke a shoulder which became a total game changer. Yes, all STRESS related. My rehab doctor keeps telling me to relax my shoulder while he is going through different rehab routines... it's difficult to do.

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