I don't know, maybe this was going on for awhile and I was bind to it. He is loosing his mind in less than two weeks. I told the Doctor, I thought he had a minor stoke, but they without doing any tests told me he was OK

How could this happen so fast? He thinks he is in a car, then he wants to know when we are going to move the RV. Now he looks at me, the man who loved me so much and said he does not know which person I am My feeling is he has a infection or he had a stoke. It hurts ME so bad. I have cared for him for so many years, I doubt anything will be done as we are on Hospice. Thank God we took care of all the legal STUFF earlier about three years ago.

Three years before this

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Oregongirl, how I wish there would be a cure on the horizon for this terrible disease of Alzheimer's/Dementia. You'd think by now something would be helpful, it's not like people all the sudden were having memory issues, this has been happening for over a century.

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