I am caregiver for my husband who has Alzheimer’s, Asbestosis and MDS. I put my grown daughter on our checking account. I see now that this was the wrong thing to do and now she thinks because I am taking her off of it that I am cutting her out of everything. So frustrating. Is it true you should not have a child on your account?

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I hope your daughter didn't do any wrong and that you just changed your mind. I and Sister 1 are on Mom's checking account. I pay all of Mom's bills from it. S1 is my backup if something happens to me. If you put your daughter on your account as your backup in case any happened to you but no longer feel comfortable having her on it, you can assign that account as a Payable on Death to her. This way that money isn't trapped from probate and your daughter, assuming she would take care of those funds, can pay your bills for you.

If you utterly and completely trust that child. Only then.

So far, I don't have a kid on our acct. We're considered to be too young to be even thinking about that now, and when the time comes, I have 4 daughters with whom I would trust ANYTHING. Having said that, I wouldn't trust my son for 5 minutes. He's certainly not a bad guy, but he would be so clueless and unhelpful.

Talk to your daughter and tell her she's not being cut out of anything, you're just changing the way you do your financials. Blame your attorney, if you want, say they gave you this advice. Then she can be mad at him/her.

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