I finally got an answer. Ohhh ready? I asked what is alzheimers. and do not say, they go back in their minds..I got an answer. Plaque forms in the brain. Well now my question is this and to me simple, why are we not giving plavix for it. As we do for the heart? Why is there not something to stop the plaque from forming? If anyone has a better answer? Let me know please...Thanks...and be good to yourselves too...CC..Aka..Sharon

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We all know the story of old...

The one we are told from the time we

small til we are old,

He was hung on a cross,

Not made of silver or gold,

but of wood, and he carried it on His back..

Now as the story goes,

It was a dog wood tree he was to bare,

and thorns He too must Wear.

Yet we wear the symbol of how He died

around our necks, never giving thought

of the priceless debt,

The debt He paid not just for one,

The debt He paid because He was born.

He paid our Debt In blood we are told,

yet when things go wrong as they will

sometimes do,

why is it we look to the ground,

and not up as we learned from the Greatest

story of Old.

He cleaned us up with blood He did shed,

So all of us could sleep soundly at night

in our beds.

To Give Him thanks, Ohhh too tired we are,

How tired He had to have been yet

to cry out He did from far.

Far from saying, I hate you and Yet I am dying for


Instead He asked "Father forgive them they know not

what they do"

So forgiveness as dying He did request

From a Father we grown to know...

As father knows best...

So as you wear your silver and gold,

Just remember the price that was paid

from the story of Old..

I wrote this one night just sitting here waiting on momma to go to sleep..Hope it helps some of you...Sharon

Ohhh and from being a nurse..may I add...Inconclusive means ...Not a yes not a no....Meaning it could have been possible...something they will not tell you due to reasons the public doesn't understand. The reason is....and sorry but simple...." If we tell them that is why, and it isn't? we could be sued. Yet if we say no that is not it. We could be sued" so that is why a lot of times you will get an inconclusive. Let me know how it goes...
It will help me in what I do best....Research...Thanks for the feed back..Sharon

I asked....I called the azhiemers assoc...And said...What happens and do not tell me this is part of it...Part of what? I was a nurse and do not treat me as tho I am stupid...I want to know what is happening....They said.." the only thing we know for sure right now is plaque is building up in their brains. It acts like scare tissue and keeps the brain from functioning correctly. It can not be reversed but it can be stopped." I, with my smart butt self said, " Well h**l, why not treat it as we do the heart....Jesus, we use plavix for the heart, why not the brain.?" They said " we are not sure that it will help in the brain yet." Ohhhh yippie Skippy.....I do know about TIA's...The small strokes...Moms lips will turn real red, I go get her nitro! It stops those too....So it seems to me what ever we do for the heart? Helps with the brain as well....May be an area you may want to explore.
Never be afraid to say what you are sick of hearing and tell ppl that you want to know what is going on...Do not accept...."We don't know.." I have ppl ready here on the 16th of oct for the alzhiemers walk. I will make the shirts....And I plan for all to have a purple balloon. when we get to the end Of the walk? We all turn the balloons loose as a symbol of freedom for them.......So just never accept what you are told...Ask ask ask......I did. That is how I found out.....Thanks for the feed back...That is helpful not only to me but perhaps to others......Sharon

Thanks much for the info!!!!!!
As a matter of mom has been on plavix for a few months and her improved behavior/cognition/attitude may have something to do with it.
She's been saying for years that the blood isn't reaching her brain like it should. May have talked her way into it, but it makes sense now. She even got her corraded (sp?) arteries checked for flow, but it was inconclusive.
How did you get a straight answer????

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