As you all saw my mom was med flight last Monday. She is doing really well but I thought she was in an out of network hospital so I was trying to get her transferred to a network hospital. Well I got a call telling me she is being discharged to home. How do you go from med flight to Home. I said she needs to go back to rehabilitation. We got down there and she looked great. She still wanted to come home we had tickets to Bon Jovi Thursday and she demanded my husband take me. She said she will stay until Friday they said it will probably be Saturday so I now have to find a kennel for the dogs. Well that wasn’t working out either there are different requirements in Illinois versus Wisconsin. Well I got that taken care of then she called and said she was going back to rehabilitation nursing care that afternoon just waiting for transportation. I even talked to her caseworker and she said she is all set just waiting for her time so I packed her up dropped off the dogs and her luggage. but when I went to the nursing home they said they were waiting for authorization but it shouldn’t be a problem have fun. Something as stupid as I didn’t have any shoes so got that taken care of, we are on our way to Chicago and now I get a call that if family doesn’t pick her up by 5:30 it’s 150 so I said hotel loss or pay it okay we stayed at the hotel that we had our first dance and I have never danced so much I was soaked. His voice isn’t as strong as it used to be but his body is so great. Time now pick up the dogs and settle mom in at the nursing home and back to Wisconsin. My husband had work and we only had 1 car we didn’t know what the week was going to be I walked in to her house and the nursing home told me that the insurance denied I have to have her doctor call their doctor by 4:30. My husband cut grass and on top of it my brother blocked my number again I heard that he said to someone if they wanted to hunt you have to ask me it’s all mine. No it’s my mom he has all his machinery out I don’t know if he is going to farm or not it’s too late to get another renter but he is joking around with my husband outside and my cousin is on my case that the three of us need to sit down and talk about her care. I totally agree but I cannot make someone do something that they don’t want to. He told me to tell him where to send the flowers when she dies it’s one thing after another then we found out my father in law will be moving in with us soon and today the insurance denied. I cannot take much more how do you do it.

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Whew! I'm tired just reading this. I can't follow it all - "If they want to hunt"?? But that doesn't really matter. I get the sense that you are overwhelmed. I hope just writing this all out helps relieve some of the tension. Come back and vent as often as you wish!

"How do you do it?" One day at a time, one hour at a time. Figure out ways to delegate, and do it! (Sometimes even doing that is overwhelming and it seems easier to just do it yourself. I know.) For example, it there anyone else who could take over managing the dog situation?

Do the best you can, and hang on to notion that this too will pass. Caring for your mother won't be this frantic forever. You can get through this!

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