My 60 year old brother has POA. He has been living with my mother almost his whole life. He only moved out for 4 years because I found him a place That was very reasonable. Then he moved back in with my mother. She didn't want him to, as she was starting to enjoy being alone. But she couldn't say no. My sister and I moved out of the house at the age of 20. Got married and raised familys. My brother has a short temper, and is very hard to live with. When my mother got into her late 70s, she used to call up my sister and I and cry how mean My brother could. He would yell at her, slam doors "breaking them" and things like these. My mother is very protective of us three kids. Loves us all the same and we love her. My dad died when we were teenagers. My sister and I took my brother aside and Told him enough is enough. He should be a man and get out on his own. But my mother would say, appartments are so exspensive these days for a single person. So she would protect him.

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My mother had to have two more surgerys. Now after many rides to the emergency room, many months in nurseing home "which was a nightmare" she is back home. But now she has some dementia. She thinks now my brother is an angel. My mother thinks he doesen't complane. Which he does to us. But we wouldn't tell her that. My sister and I think what ever my brother has to do for my mother is owed to her. He has lived a cushy life now he should not complain. My sister and I have homes children and grandchildren. I still have a young daughter with speacial needs. He thinks my sister and i should be there as much as he is. We go all we can. We live 20 miles apart so we try to car pool. Now my mother made him POA. My sister and i hate to say it, but we dont completely trust him with my mothers money. All that antibiotics did a job on my dear mom. Thanks for listening. Sorry about being long winded. filix.

So My sister and I were very frustrated. My brother has a good job makes good money. He would buy exspensive boats and cars. Take over the house with al his stuff. My mother has a sister that also has a son that never moved out. And they would back each other up on how there sons could never afford their own place. I tried to reason with my mom, if he can afford these things he can afford his own place. I realize she is part to blame. But she is just being a loving over protective mother.
last year she fell and broke her hip. It was touch and go for a while but she made it through surgery and rehab. It was a very stressfull time for us all. Going back and forth to the hospital and rehab. My sister and I live 150 miles away round trip. My mother was doing very well. She even stated to drive again. We were encouraged. But one time my brother took her out to the store on a very windy day. She was getting into the car and he didn't hold the door for her. A gust of wind blew the door shut on her leg. She got staff infection and it went right to her hip. Thats when things got realy scarey.

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