She (MIL) was diagnosed in 2015, I am sure it went back further, now my own mother has failed the tests and is now taking Namenda. GEESH!

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My heart goes out to you.

I was my mother's caretaker for years until she died. It was hard, working and caring for my family. There were times that I thought the demanding task to care for her ADL's (all of her daily living activities, doctor's appointment, financial needs, etc.). The hardest part was the violent and aggressive behavior she developed as the disease worsen. The only thing that got me through, is my faith in God, as well as knowing all that my mom went through with me and my siblings over the course of her life. When my mother moved in with us, I first was a little hesitant, but than realized that this was part of my purpose in life. To be a blessing to the very one that has been a blessing to me all of my life. Just being there for them is more than enough.

You are doing what is needed to cope.The first step is to acknowledge that you can't in yourself do it alone. Secondly, reaching out for support. Now you should check your area and see if there are any support groups in your community, and get involved. More importantly, don't forget about self care. If you can get support from other family members don't hesitate to ask. If you need respite care, check it out and take advantage of it. I believe you are stronger than you think.At least I found that out during my situation. So be encourage.
If it does get to much for you to handle seek out other alternative ways to care for mom. Rather it means getting a caretaker for her, or senior /nursing homes. Don't feel guilty or be hard on yourself if it comes to that.
I will keep you and your family in my prayers.

(((Hugs))) Lost. Just...(((Hugs))).

if I could, I'd bow down to anyone (and that's no consolation) that's care giving 24/7 to a dementia person. and doing it alone.

don't think yourself as weak. it's not you, its what you are up against.

sorry if that didn't come out right. I just don't know how to explain.

edit, and sorry to hear about your own mom. :(
this dementia thing is very scary. I wish someone could
figure out the cure.

Who said that you have to? Does MIL need a nursing home and could your mother go to assisted living?

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