Mom gets real angry when we go out side with her...she has made a land field of our belongings recently she throws our
food away out of the refrigerato...she has anger issues hitting if she doesn't get her way....

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Sounds like my mother. She throws fits and tries to destroy as much as she can get her hands on, and hits if you try to stop her. It is relentless, all day, every day. She has been in the geriatric psychiatric unit of the hospital twice, the er many times, and is now in a private geriatric psychiatric hospital for anger and physical aggression while in rehab at a nursing home (walked into a lady's room and hit her, and pushed a woman who had someone catch her before she hit the ground). I wish I could tell you that you can get the help you need. I have found no real help with this sort of behavior. The system is a joke. They are hesitant to give proper meds and proper dosages for asinine reasons. My mother is currently on 4 different meds just for behavior. Right now to keep my mother from doing anything to anyone else in this facility (2 incidents in this facility so far ...... wrapped a cord around a man's neck, and put her hand over a woman's mouth) they have someone following her around 24/7 to stop her. That's their fix. How I would replicate that at home with no help I have no idea, because my mother doesn't sleep thru the night, and never runs out of energy. If the meds worked they wouldn't need someone to follow her everywhere to stop her from doing things. And they only keep her for maybe a week at the hospital, and maybe 10-12 days at a private hospital to "stabilize" her meds before Medicare kicks her out. .... not nearly enough time. If the physical aggression can't be controlled nursing homes won't keep them, so the options are few. It's a nightmare. I hope you are able to find better help in your area than I have found. For an issue that is affecting more and more of the population, healthcare seems to be woefully inept at handling it or helping caregivers. In fact, I find a lot of healthcare professionals dealing with this issue to be judgmental and rude. The system seems to be set up to steer you toward placement in a memory care facility which costs a fortune, but because they won't get the meds straight so your LO doesn't hit someone, your LO just ends up blackballed for physical aggression. Then back to square one, the system doesn't properly support family members unqualified to deal with mental illness on this level. Just a nightmare.

Definitely speak to her doctor and bring mom for an appointment. The doctor may be able to prescribe meds that will make managing her easier. Mom has to be made to understand that if she continues with the outrageous and abusive behavior towards you and your family she will no longer be living with you.
That you and your family will not hesitate to put her in a residential care facility.
Then stick to it. If you have to place her, then you have to.

I am so sorry. Sounds like a challenging situation. Have you discussed this behavior with her doctor? I would. Maybe there are meds that can help with these outbursts.

Best wishes to you and your family.

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