My mom had a stroke 2 years ago. Recently she passed out and gets bad migranes. How do I make her go to the doctor? I have begged and begged. I am only 23 and I have a 6 year old sister. I can't make her understand how much we need her and wouldn't know what to do with out her. She just doesn't understand.

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Melissa,You show much love and concern for your family.Is your mom a single mom,I assume that she is.Single moms are terribly understaffed and under appreciated.I have been a single mom for the last few years not by choice.I got very sick a while back and almost died,I needed to be in the hospital but I Had no family or friends to help me keep my 7 year old daughter.I knew the hospital was not a good place for her,so I toughed it out,a lot of single mothers tough it out.Familys are where loyalities lay not social services.Once you are in their system you are allways in their system. You did not mention drugs or alcohol,so I take that is not a problem.Is insurance or lack of a problem.Make sure your sister knows what to do in case of emergency and who to call[six year olds are smart] At your age you should be able to talk to your mom woman to woman. Is your mom going through menopause?The last people you want in your life is a goverment runned agency-Look what messes they create.You are a good daughter and a good sister to care,some folks don't care about their own family.You are old enough to be a big help and your mom is lucky to have your concern.

How old is your mother?

I assume that you work a full time job, but do you still live at home.

Who takes care of your sister when mom is out of it?

Do you have medical POA for your mother?

I think home health or social services needs to know that a sick parent is not able to function for her 6 year old child due to medical problems that she will not go to the doctor for. Sorry, but in my opinion your sister is suffering from neglect and parental negligence from her behavior and if you don't report it you could be considered an accessory to the fact.

Is there any other family member who would be able to convince her to seek medicial care?

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