The number of adult children taking care of ageing parents has tripled in the last 15 years.

That means 25% of us, 10 million.

Our health is now suffering.

Caregiver loss of wages amounts to $303,880 in lifetime wages and retirement benefits.

We increase our own risk of dying.

This is staggering, information.

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To Countrymouse,
Could you explain?
I did not understand what it was you were trying to convey.
Stats are only stats.......
points of cause and effect.

And your point is?

Oh for heaven's sake - the US is NOT far behind other countries etc etc etc. Go to any country you care to name, read their headlines, and see how bitterly they complain that their country is far behind etc etc etc.

I admit I do not envy the man-hours wasted, not to mention the stress, from your all having to have MBAs just to get your health insurance sorted out (I've been paying attention for some years now and reading about it still makes me feel tearful); but then you wouldn't appreciate the time it takes to get through to your GP over here. Not to mention the taxes and the national debt.

But overall, as far as I can tell, the challenges and dilemmas are the same the world over; and what's more they haven't changed at grass roots level in two hundred years and they won't any time soon. If you're the one worried about your elderly parent, what is it to you if the numbers are rising or falling? Say there is a compensation structure in place - will that stop you losing your mind when you can't pee in peace because your mother is wailing 'where are you?' and banging on the bathroom door?

These are human problems, not governmental. But for those who enjoy statistics on toast for breakfast, I'd recommend a visit to the World Health Organization's website. Bon appetit :)

And I wouldn't ever knock the FDA. If it hadn't been for one conscientious official - Frances Kelsey, I just checked because her name should be engraved on all our memories - you'd still be dealing with thalidomide disabilities. Ignore their caution at your peril.

I can agree, caregiving can age you. I now look much older, get tired so easily, and here I wasn't even hands-on caregiving, I was logistical. And my last parent passed about 3 years ago. I just cannot get back to my pre-caregiving look. I've gotten so lazy :P

Medicaid sounds good on paper, but that would mean a huge hike in our taxes. Other countries tax their residents up to 50% of every dollar earned. Imagine how those of us in the States would react if the powers that be decided to up our tax income tax rates to that amount. Just my opinion, instead up the taxes on material goods, such as new cars, jewelry, furniture, furs, boats, secondary homes, super size TV's, etc.

Now I can understand why prescription drugs are so expensive. It can take 5 to 10 years of research and development to get a drug safely to market. That is a huge expense for a drug company up front. And some R&D drugs never make it to market due to trial failures.

I do find it interesting that other developing countries have certain drugs that are not available in the U.S. because the drug hasn't passed our own testing which sometimes can take years. In the mean time, allow that drug to be used here if the patient realizes the high risk. I believe a Bill in Congress has been passed, finally, to allow that.

The solution is Medicaid for all (or at least something similar). The U.S. is far behind other industrialized nations when it comes to healthcare. Medicine for profit typically benefits only those with a bottom line and shareholders to protect. Ditto for drug manufacturers. As the boomer generation ages, caring for the elderly will become a national crisis. Per usual, we are simply not prepared. And rather than to research what actually works in other countries, it’s easier for us to cut services, only making a bad situation worse.

Yes, being a caregiver ages you.

Yes! And yet (most of) society expects this to continue. But what is the solution?

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