I will have to add up the utility bill totals, but off the cuff I suspect they'd come to over $K altogether for a year, and property taxes are also steep. I respect the fact that my parent's money is theirs until they both pass away. They're well-off, though; having been frugal all their lives, and invested wisely. My father's pension income alone is well above $5K/month. I made a promise to him that I'd keep them in their home as long as humanly possible, and my Dad worries constantly about spending unnecessarily (a child of the Depression, though, he can't conceive of a litre of milk costing more than 25 cents. Up here in Ontario, where we live, it's $3 to $4.) His biggest worry is that there won't be enough money left to provide for me. With the inheritance, should there be one, I can survive quite well. If I only had the house, I'd never be able to afford to pay the bills. It's a hell of a disappointment to be so dependent upon 90-something year old parents. But one thing I will say, is it's reassuring to know they care enough to be worrying about my well-being in the future. I must be doing something right to deserve that. Thanks everybody.

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