My father passed away 1 week ago we had just gotten home from niagra falls in 20 mins after we got back he had a heart attack and passed away its been extremely hard on are family but yet it seems to be pulling us apart my mom depened on my dad for alot not finicial but mental i dont know what to do to help her she is trying to stay busy but is wearing her self out on are trip he seemed fine it just doesnt seem fair. i am trying to help my mom with this but i myself am having a hard time dealing with my fathers death we were very close please give me some advice.

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Heather...condolences on your father sudden passing. I am sure it must be a shock and rough on you right now. I would say pull together not pull away. Family is family even if it just a few folks. Perhaps if you are religously inclined to go see a pastor or priest or etc, sometimes they have comforting ways. If not then try to find some down time you can just spend with mom. Take her grocery shopping or just plain shopping, or pop in an old movie you can watch together. Just try to do something to bring down the tension. If you mother is still in good mental and physical shape then it should not be too hard to pull yourselves up by your bootstraps. If she is declining then it is not so easy. I would suggest try to do relaxing things at this point, only do what you must do at this point. Things will work itself out over time and healing from your loss.

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