I have had the flu and staying away from him. About the time I start feeling better, I start staying in the same bed with him. Now he tells me he has been feeling like this for weeks. I need help, because, my husband has been coughing and sounding nasal like. I am SO frustrated because I try to take care of him and he doesn't say anything. I can't play the guessing game. And plus when I am sick, I don't feel like doing anything but taking care of me. I monitor his meds, make sure he goes to dr. appts. , etc. But, I am still hoarse and before I get well, he pulls this stunt. I just want to throw up my arms and say I quit. But, of course, I can't. AARRGG! He has COPD, and emphysema and with this he could get a LOT worse!

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You are right. Once my being sick and frustration has passed, I can look back on the situation and see your point. He didn't want to add to the mess. He was just wanting me to get well. We did go to the dr and he did not have the flu. I am so glad! Thank you.

Fancicoffee, I think he just might be trying to make you feel guilty for being absent and he really did miss you at night. Kinda sneaky, but sweet.

Fancicoffee, sounds like your hubby didn't want to add burden to your care because you had been sick with the flu.... sounds like he was being considerate of you, even though you view it as not taking care of himself.

Most of us have the opposite problem with hubby/sig other with medical overload where everything hurts, or their tummy is upset, or get ready to dial 911 because he has a paper cut... [rolling eyes].

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