I think back to all the years that she has been mean and the times I have tried to make her understand grown frustrated etc. and all the while the doctors knew. Thank God for this site. I posted last week and we really seriously began our quest to discover her issues but I am so sad, I dont think she was really every ok and even more troublesome I am not sure our fmaily can handle her or her mental health. Just wanted to post. I love this site and the support!

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Mental illness can be sad and frightening if it is not coped with through appropriate medical help. You need a counselor of your own to tell you what you should/can do to protect yourself and your family. I am so sorry you are going through this. Rebecca

For years my mom acts strange and things must be her way.She thinks she has no life,thats why she sees her in front of all her daugther's decisions.If I dont agree with her,she puts people(family and friends)against me.She already destroy my marriage and I remarry and she hates my husband.Is this relationship normal?Is she normal?

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