So, now Mom is under a kind of lockdown at her NH. But I can easily communicate with her with this free program they have there. I send Mom an email thru her account at Lifeshare, and it appears on her TV, she uses arrows and enter button to see videos, photos, messages, memes, funny jokes I send her. She can message back but chooses not to most often. The whole thing is free. If your LOs care facility does not have this, I highly recommend you speak with the program director to suggest it. I think it is best for everyone to just look at Lifeshare on a search engine, so I dont post a website, to learn more, I am no expert at it, but it has been super for my mom. Even if your LO cannot remember how to do it everyday, any care member of the staff can press the buttons, check for messages and set them up to arrow thru and hit enter on the selections. Good luck to you all in these difficult times.

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This is a great idea but I have a feeling that a smart TV needs to be involved.

From what I see it is only offered in Indiana. Maybe it is just in testing? Sounds like a great idea.

I'm glad your facility has people tech savvy enough to provide this app, things like this will be a real boon for those that have this capability. I fear there are far too many smaller facilities like my local one where residents typically don't even have a personal television or phone available to them.

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