I n March of 2020 governor Andrew Cuomo Direct all Hospital patients that had the corbid 19 virus and were still sick and testing positive sent to my wife's assisted living residence.

The residence had no ppe, not enough aid and they were not following protocol,l the staff they had brought the virus brought into the homes infecting my wife and numerous other seniors. knowing he had immunity from prosecution. Which is eating at me and making my grieving very difficult to handle.

He make sure that his mother who was in a nursing home was taken out before he put the order in to transfer still sick patients from hospital's and doctors whom were told to send then to nursing home when they knew they would infect the seniors These doctors and nurses have know excuse for doing this.

I don't know how to handle this. Cuomo getting away with murdering my wife and over 50,000 seniors in these homes.

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I am so sorry for your loss. And I agree, COVID patients should have not been sent to Als but what choice did they have. No they are not equipped for this kind of care. The patients should have been sent to LTC where residents have been been exposed to Mersa and staph so they know how to guarentene. But...

This is a horrible Virus. Because its new, no one really knew how to treat it. Those in authority only had the experts to rely on. I live in S Jersey so I know what it was like for the north especially those Counties bordering the NY border. Hospitals were over crowded and NHs were shutting down because of the number of residents contracting the desease. We are in a pandemic and its far from over.

If my Mom had passed from COVID I may have considered it a blessing. She had Dementia and was really not with us anymore. It was heartbreaking to watch her age and get frail. She really had no quality of life. She was 89 when she passed. Its has taken awhile, instead of reliving her last 3 yrs of life I try to remember the good times. Friends that knew her have helped me with that. My Mom was a woman of Faith. She is now whole and pain free.

Please don't dwell on what did or didn't get done. Remember the times before Dementia took your wife and let the rest go. There are things in this world we just have no control over and this Virus is one of them.

During this pandemic, one thing that bothered me the most was putting our dear seniors at additional risk, and not being able to see their loved ones during the time they needed them most. So sad and heartbreaking. There should have been a better plan in place.

I am so sorry.  The so-called mainstream media, which is liberal, will not criticize a Democrat.

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