I am 75 and my husband is 85. He sleeps most of the time if I let him but I try to get him up to go to the supermarket or MD appt or wherever. He appears to enjoy himself. Old friends no longer call because he doesn't respond to anyone much. I am feeling as if my life is passing me by. I dont want anyone to know about this email because of the happpy face I use. Susan

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I found that when my LO got dementia, many family and friends disappeared. It's hard for them to deal with. They don't know what to say and I think some fear they will be asked to do something.

Taking care of a person around the clock with dementia is extremely stressful, even for young people. Have you thought about getting help to come in during the day, so you can engage in activities outside the home, visit old friends, play golf, see a movie, or just take a walk? I'd look into getting respite care, so you can do that. I'd also explore all of the options for your husband's care.

I hope you can find some answers and things that will give you renewed strength and hope that you aren't alone and that you can still enjoy your life. I hope you'll get some more responses.

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