I am blamed for everything that is wrong with my family. Yet I am the one who is there not just for monetary gain...


Help! My Aunt is trying to defraud my grandmother, she is estranged from her mother for years at a time till, my grandma and I fight. My grandma will call her daughter out of lonlyness and perhaps in away to tik me off. I do not talk to my aunt, and when my own mother died, my aunt was the first one in her house going threw things. my mother and her sister were not at all close. They never were,due to the fact that my grandma, their mom played favorites to me and my mom. something we never asked for. when my granny contacts my aunt once in a blue moon when we fight my aunt she will ask for money, when she does not get it or when my grandma and i make up she leaves. Needless to say ,my grandma and i got into a big fight and stopped talking, then she had a stroke. My Aunt was there when my granny was hospitalized and did not even call me. i found out threw staff. Thats how much respect she has for family, can u imagine your loved one could die and just because your family members don't care for you, you can't have the chance to say goodbye, not only woould I missed the chance but so would my grandma. I am not even worth a phone call to my aunt. Grandma recoverd AND She talked my grandma in to moving to a far away SNF even though my grandma told her she did not want to go. My aunt was very sneaky about the process, going so far as to say there was no security deposit. In fact there was, and my aunt signed her own name on the check as if she was the POA, but she isn',t i am, atleast when the time comes. My aunt read my grandmas will( the original sealed one) and found that she and her kids are not left much, this made her upset and since then she has stopped all of her visits and her niceness has gone out the door. At first my aunt was super accomidating and overly nice, decorating for christmas, giving her cards that were over the top gushy. The social worker at the recovery facility even noted it. My grandma gave her use of her car so my aunt could take her to DRs appt. Now that my aunt knows where she stands as far as inheritence she is not providing the rides. My grandma is obvously hurt by this and has decided she no longer wants my aunt to have her car or stay at the far away facility. one of my aunts and cousins (the other grand chldren)claims for never visiting was grandmas condo was to far, its roughly 25-30 miles. now she lives close and he cousin and great grandchildren still do not visit. Meanwhile i was going to buy a car with my tax money and grandma needs to pay bills, so I asked if I could buy the car. Se is able to get rides from the facliilty so she agreed and told my aunt to retutn the car.My aunt told her she would return the car, but not the keys, sighting that my grandma owe her money for something which i am not sure of its about 130ish $ and furthermore my aunt claims that my grandma said she was giving the car to her G. grandson, a boy who my grandma has met only a handful of times. remember my aunt and cousins never visited or called, they are estranged. my grandma and i talk all the time, we do have large fights, typically over minor stuff, but it always ends with an appology and life goes on. i feel like my aunt is commiting larceny, fraud and elder abuse. I am at the brink of bringing the police into the situation, i will especially if she withholds the title to the car. i don't want to go there, infact before this i tried to speak to my aunt about the future of granny. i am blamed for their estranged relationship, my aunt would like to say that i somehow held them apart. they both could have spoken with each other at any time, its as if i kept them from dialing each other up. i only wish i had that much power,ha, ha. I am sick of being blamed for this and its another reason i am considering calling the poloice, just so my aunt realizes that this is something she brought uopn herself and so others in the family realize that i am not the bad guy. i don't know what to do frankly, i want to post something on facebook so that my cousin can read it and understand the seriousness of with holding property of anothers and preventing the financial gain of much needed bill money and the fact that my grandma cannot gift anything without haveing being penilized. so they know i have to buy the car at no less than market value. so tired of this game and blame, and really mad at the level of lowness and disrespect for another human, especially a mother. what can i do to protect grandma and myself? is it out of line to call the police on a family memeber, even if it is a known felony? also to clear my name, the aweful one my aunt has been building about me for years and years. its not my fault granny played favorites and i cetainly never made anyone not call the other. what to do? i am the youngest and an only child, keep in mind a grandchild, my mom is gone and i am the only one on my side. i have been the punching bag for a long time. does anyone know of any sites that clearly expain the law

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It seems to me you are true to your Grandma. She must have chosen her favorite for good reason. She needs to sign you as Durable POA than you have power legally to handle her financial affairs and you can protect her from those who use her. As for the car, who ever is on the title is owner, and anyone else who has it against owners will, is called a thief by law and it can be reported stolen. The security deposit check that she signed as POA is actually a bank issue, I have POA for my Mom and the bank had all kinds of issues and it is a legal document and when the approved it I had to sign a card for signature verification so I could write checks as POA. Upon admittance to a facility someone needs to sign admittance papers if your aunt signed she could be responsable for payments. You could check into that too. I would be aware of the Will issue she could convince gram into changing it. The main thing is to look out for your gram and what is bext for her.

I agree, call your attorney on Monday and don't post anything on facebook. Remember, he/she will have the legal answers that you need. I'm saying a prayer for you tonight, oops, I mean morning.. :)

Wow - tough situation - it does sound like 1. you need a lawyer and 2. you need help to sort out what is just mean and vindictive, what is hurtful to you emotionally, from what legal wrongs have actually been done. I would think that signing as POA when you are not would constitute breaking some kind of law, maybe forgery, but I certainly don't know for sure. It has got to be hard to put aside your own hurts and personal feelings in order to do what is best for the elder who needs care, but that may be what you have to do. It is probably best if you don't put accusations out there on Facebook until you know where things really stand legally. Another possible step beisdes calling police would be to contact your Adult Protective Service agency, and again, with them the focus would be on how this is harming or taking advantage of the elder needing care, rather than the injustice and unfariness to you personally, as bad as that is. Its tough - my heart goes out to you...