This week I got some bad news (not to do with my health). I knew it was coming but I didn't know it was going to be this bad! And I do not feel like discussing it at this time! It's amazing how I can help others to solve their problems, but find myself up against the wall on this one.

I have had seven bloody noses in less than two months. My left side has a dull pain. The bloody nose is probably high blood pressure although, this is very unusual for me because my blood pressure usually runs low due to my small frame. The pain in my side could be a number of different causes. I told my BF about these things & all he said is, "what am I to do"? This is not like him. I really just wanted him to say, "I am sorry that you feel bad". He has been with me long enough to know that I rarely complain about being sick or any injuries that I may have. He also knows, I am not one to run to the hospital every time something is wrong. But I must admit, I take him to the hospital when ever I am concerned. I know this isn't right!

I do see a Dr every three months for my meds and what not's, but I haven't had bloodwork done in awhile. Which I really need to do! I have PTSD, GAD, and Autoimmune disease that effects my hair, skin and nails, which it can move to my organs and attack one of them if is so chooses. Prehaps my body is telling me that I am under too much stress.

I do realize on this forum I am the first one to tell people to go to the Dr's, and here I am not taking my own advice.

I try to let God take control over the things that I can not change or have no control over. But it seems that I am having a hard time to do that with the bad news I got.

I am not wanting sympathy nor advice unless it is from a believer about God.

I guess, I just needed to get this off my chest. Perhaps things will work out.

Thank you for reading this!😟

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Thank you so much Isthisrealyreal.
You always make me laugh.

I think my guy is stress from work and the craziness of my mother.

I was hoping for a weekend get away after the first of the year, but now that may not be possible.

And thank you for believing with me that I come up with a solution!
I do try to remember that God is in control of All Things!

Hugs back!

Joann, your gallbladder is on the right side. Just wanted to let you know.

Shell, stress can cause all kinds of body problems. Is it possible to get some respite? It sounds like your honey could use some as well.

Just a thought, do you think he feels less needed since you are getting support and have an outlet here?

Maybe, he needs a beagle!

I pray that you get an answer to whatever is going on and I am going to believe with you that it is nothing serious, just a message to let go and let God!

Hugs to you!

I am sorry to any one I have offend. I didn't mean that only believer's could answer my post. I guess, I wasn't thinking. It just been one of those weeks where I am wondering where did God go?

And yes, I am taking care of my mother.


Left side just under the breast. Alk the time or just after you eat. Could be gallstones. Certain foods will kick off discomfort.

Are you caring for Mom in her home or yours? Whichever, there's the stress. Can Mom afford like an AL? Maybe that is why BFs attitude. Your caregiving. Not all partners can deal with this.

The nose bleeds could also be because of a rogue blood vessel that got damaged, has healed, but hasn't got back to full strength and keeps breaking. If it gets any worse I would have it checked out. Why put up with it if you don't have to?

For the rest of it, just hugs and sympathy. My bad too! Feel better.

PS You do know things don't work out, don't you, not unless you look them in the eye. Just saying.

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