I am a mom and a daughter, but I’m tired....


My mom has full frontal lobe dementia. She was recently released because Connecticare doesn’t care about their members. I’m curious as to why my mother spent so much money with Connecticare and they just throw her out on the streets.... she cannot qualify for Medicaid until she uses all of the marital assets... this is how the government treats you when you’re older. It’s VERY SCARY.

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The government lies to the people. They don’t consider those population stats to symbolize real people.

Jenniferkell1, doesn't your Mom have Medicare, or is ConnectiCare a substitute for Medicare? Or is CC a secondary insurance?

Was your Mom in Rehab? Medicare usually covers the first 20-21 days, then Medicare and the secondary insurance plus co-pays would take over the remaining days. Usually a patient is sent home or to a nursing home if they are not progressing with Rehab.

It would be great if Medicaid [which is different from Medicare] would offer more to help our love ones, but one has to remember that Medicaid is funded by State and Federal taxpayers. In order to offer more to the patient, then our taxes would need to go up, or the State would become bankrupted. Rehab centers and continuing care facilities are very expensive. The one my Mom was in cost her $12k per month.

So, Connecticare is an insurance company.

Do you mean that mom was released from rehab?

Did you appeal the discharge? Does she need long term care? Does she have a spouse at home?

Sad to think that you need a professional lawyer to apply to a federal program, but I agree with Glad. Mom needs to see an attorney who specializes in Elder Law.

She needs to see an elder law attorney that will help negotiate the Medicaid system. Yes spouses are responsible for payment for necessary care. There are steps that can be taken to protect the well spouse from becoming indigent.